Holistic & customizable Cloud-based transactions Hub

CUB3 solution is a mobile wallet platform which is backboned by a strong EMV compliant tokenization server. CUB3 server is able to generate tokens accordingly to major international payment schemes (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, ...). CUB3 has been created and thought as a turnkey product in order to support any mobile payment solution in Android environment.  As an option, CUB3 could also aggregate loyalty and couponing programs.

CUB3 implementation has been done to support VISA Paywave and Mastercard Paypass last specifications. The tokenization process is also fully compliant with VISA and MASTERCARD HCE specifications. CUB3 is a powerful and seamless mobile payment platform which does not require to upgrade or modify the existing and deployed set of POS. By connecting your banking authorization server to the CUB3, you jump into mobile payment in a smooth and secure way.

Architecture of the CUB3 platform

CUB3 platform is a full complete, in-house developed platform, featuring the different modules schematized here below :


Cloud-based payment deployment

With this standard platform, CUB3 will be able to help implementing a full solution of Cloud-based payment for international or private schemes. There will be no need of external components and all the integrations will be done with the Issuer’ infrastructure:



  •  Integration with Issuer(s) for ID&V process – IDentity and Verification (ISO messages, Web Services, Portal), in order to provision the corresponding digitized payment cards;
  • Integration with the switch for further authorizations of the transactions from issuers;
  • Integration with potential existing HSM’s;
  • As well as the tests performed with the POS terminals and the acquisition Networks.