CUB3: A fully EMVCo compliant tokenization platform

Our Mission

Since 2015, CUB3TECH developed a “suite” of software components dedicated to bringing higher grade of security to payment flows, by leveraging Tokenization.


CUB3TECH mission is to contribute in designing and developing your requested payment flows, as well as the tokenization of the corresponding credentials, in order to reach the desired security level.


Tokenization server

CUB3 has developed a tokenization server able to generate EMV compliant tokens.


Tokenization is a powerful concept which enables to create one time banking cards. For safety reasons and for ensuring system protection, the generated token has a short lifetime as well as a geographic existence. Out of those parameters, it can not be used.


Android mobile SDK

CUB3 is delivering an Android mobile SDK for the benefit of customers wanting to add these features to their existing wallet.

CUB3 could also provide a complete wallet application to customers willing to start a program from scratch and having no existing mobile app.


Highest grade security

CUB3 expertise states in its strong knowhow in mobile security and smartcard. Thanks to a whole set a security features, CUB3 wallet is able to guarantee banking data integrity and privacy before, during and further to the payment.


Having 20 years of experience in banking and smartcard, CUB3 technical team develops according to safe and fast processes.