Banco Lopez de Haro is ready for its digital transformation

BLH in Dominican Republic is now live for tokenizing all its payment credentials, in favor of various use-cases in the digital world. Anticipating the introduction in Dominican Republic of Apple-Pay and Google-Pay, which are mandating tokenization of all payment cards, the bank will rely on a secure CUB3 platform (I-TSP) for protecting those assets for the benefit and trust of the cardholders.

Banco Alaver (Rep. Dom.) leverages CUB3 for its suite of digital services

After 60 years of successful operation in Dominican Republic, the rhythm of migration to digital services is increasing for Banco Alaver. For performing top of class services with the highest grade of security, it was mandatory to install a robust and powerful engine (Issuer-TSP) for tokenizing its payment credentials. This phase has ended and entered in operation and the roadmap is contemplating other use-cases which leverage the tokenization, as pushing those credentials into third-party wallets (soon to be active in Rep. Dom.)

Renewal of PCI certification

Webinar VISA/CUB3TECH for easy adoption of Tokenization

La Tokenización (VTS)  permite que los consumidores realicen sus compras en línea con tranquilidad, sin tener que exponer y compartir sus datos sensible. Por su parte los emisores se benefician de la seguridad que los tokens agregan al ecosistema, reduciendo el riesgo de fraude, los costos operativos en que se incurren para salvaguardar información sensible y experimentan un incremento en los índices de autorización y conversión de sus transacciones, promoviendo una experiencia de compra sin fricción y posicionándose entre sus clientes como la mejor opción al momento de pagar!


En Visa reconocemos la importancia de que participes en la Tokenización y por eso hemos trabajado con nuestros socios tecnológicos para facilitarte el proceso de adopción de esta tecnología!

                                                          Tenemos una oferta para ti!


Te invitamos a participar de este webinar, donde estaremos compartiendo información como:

  • Beneficios de la Tokenización
  • El role de un I-TSP
  • CUB3TECH LTD servicios
  • Oferta Especial - Siguientes pasos

PROSA & CARNET have partnered with CUB3TECH for Tokenization

CUB3TECH Tokenization platform operational from Quito, Ecuador

For the benefit of all payment stakeholders in Ecuador and nearby countries, the full suite of components from CUB3TECH is now running from an Ecuatorian datacentre in Quito, in the premises of LOGIKARD C.A., a leading provider of payments services in the Andean Pact.

The platform is also pre-integrated with Logikard decentralized personnalisation solution for the specific requirements of Issuers. Neobanks, wallet providers, e-merchants and acquirers can also leverage the service hosted in a fully certified datacentre. Listen to following webinar detailing the implementation:

A winning value-proposition: Social Messaging & Secure Payments

CUB3TECH settled an agreement with SocialCashier® & VoicePay® from ReImagination® Technologies, to promote one of the most awaited use-case in the market: Providing secure acceptance payments processing to Banks and PSP’s in social media (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger).


Complying with VISA, Mastercard and AMEX tokenization and security PCI-DSS standards, with a pre-integrated and pre-certified platform, deployed for both modalities: Cloud services or on-premises.

Dominican Super-APP:   tPAGO

More than 1200 views for HCE-NFC in front of Mastercard simulator

Trends to watch in 2021


It looks probably too easy to predict how the Payment Industry will evolve in the coming years, as we all anticipate the same waves of adoption and we tend to exaggerate a few of them serving our specific business models. We are globally all right in our assumptions, sometimes with errors of judgment about the timing of their mass adoption.

Our industry is agreeing about the APIs-based architectures with its subtle variants (SOAP, REST, microservices, no-code …); we cannot argue about the mobility wave which has put a youngster of 14 years old (the so-called smartphone) in the driver seat; we bet on the ubiquity of payments in all situations, nested in many checkout flows and sometimes hidden behind the scene; and we finally cannot forget about instantaneity of all previous heavy processes including issuance, clearance, etc.

Then, “What else” for 2021 and beyond?

Three robust predictions I may cast in this overcrowded arena::

·       Genuine credentials will totally disappear from whatever secure transaction flow. Fraud is rising so high and quickly that having real static credentials (PANs, IBANs, e-mails, virtual accounts, CVX …) “in move” within transactions or “at rest” in servers or devices, is just becoming unsustainable. A few years back, it was still possible to trace the fraudulent transactions and fix the issue “on the fly” changing the hacked credentials. No longer an option!

·       Customer centric value proposition will not turn out as just a new gimmick; it is a real trend which changes the rules of the game. The consequence being that popular means of payment will not stay as long and as dominant as the “credit card era”. The user-customer will choose some concurrent technologies according to his-her own perspectives at a current moment. Probably fluctuating at a high frequency of changes!

·       Artificial Intelligence will finally arise, beyond the two main current objectives 1/ fighting against fraud and 2/ profiling the user-customer for the advert-based economy. A.I. will build a solid environment for easing the transversalities, the jumps from one flow to the other, the “slicing” of the payment industry according to external events and “live” constraints.

Enjoy 2021 and beyond!

ADQUB3 = new APP for mobile POS


  • CUB3 mobile POS solution is dedicated to all businesses down to very small ones, such as kiosks, cab drivers, single proprietors, where a stand-alone solution is all that might be needed.
  • CUB3 mPOS transforms a smartphone in a powerful POS terminal able to accept payments from an user mobile wallet and then establish communication with merchant's acquirer in real time to process the transaction as a regular EMV POS payment transaction.
  • ADQUB3 has been developed according to the last specifications CPoC™ (Contactless Payments on COTS).
  • For further security, CUB3 offers a service of own tokenization to be embedded in the adquiring process.


Digital transformer in R.D. : tPAGO

Trendsetting with Logikard, Ecuador

The market is under a bigger pressure to allow any payment credential to be digitized, tokenized and leveraged in any situation, thru any sales channel.

Our partner in the Andean Pact, Logikard, is bringing another impacting feature : the "instantaneity" !

With this demonstration, you can review in YouCUB3, you will measure the strong value proposition of a tight integration between "Instant Issuance", "Digitization & Tokenization", as well as an interesting Loyalty platform. This doesn't mean that you, as an Issuer entity, needs to implement all the bricks altogether, but the ones which will bring you this "unfair" differentiation you want to propose in a very short-term. 

In particular, a first step of simple digitization with dynamic CVV could be "live" in a record time and answer to short-term objectives, as an intermediate step towards a tokenization full journey. Please contact us! 

"tPago-Pay"accelerates after Covid

Part of a general uptake of contactless and cardless payments in post-Covid times, tPago in Dominican Republic is accelerating its deployment with a number of exciting features: and new level of security.


Happy and honored to protect your transactions AND your health !!!

Sending Virtual Cards P2P

We are pleased to offer an exciting new feature with the easiest viral marketing distribution scheme : Leveraging the "contact list" stored in your smartphone, for enabling P2P payments !


Smartphone as the sole customer interface & NO security concession : MOBILE PRESENT


Of course, no plastic issuance, no pre-integrations, piggy-backing upon contactless waves and adding security by consuming dynamic credentials (EMVCo grade tokenized PAN's) 

Launch of YouCUB3

With the launch of this video channel, you will be have information about new use-cases leveraging Tokenization and mobile wallets populated with your favorite credentials of payment. SUSCRIBE !

Strong adoption after deployment in Dominican Republic: " tPago-Pay "

Since April 2018 launch, tPago application has now been downloaded more than 100,000 times which demonstrates a strong commercial traction.

Unique features are characterizing this success:

- Universal footprint with USSD technology, enabling 100% phones and smartphones in the market,

- comprehensive portfolio of services,

- extensive network with almost all banks in RepDom,

- and NFC payment in physical shops.


Live demonstration in "Digital Chile"

During last seminar "América Digital Chile", our partners ITECSA and Datacard made a demonstration of combined instant issuance, followed by a notification on the registered smartphone for immediate provisioning in the wallet. This was extremely well received by the community of banks in Chile.

Azul Rep.Dom. adopts tPago NFC

Teaming agreement with Datacard

A strategic agreement with Entrust-Datacard is now in place with CUB3TECH for strengthening the combined Value Propositions of both companies: Issuing the “digital sister” of the instant-issued plastic card and provisioning it within a mobile wallet, is opening new use-cases and accelerating usage.

In the frame of this agreement, all issuing entities already leveraging CardWizard™, or planning to do so, will be supported with points of integration for easily enhancing their scope towards mobility and e-Commerce.



InApp' commerce triggers everything

CUB3TECH envisions a very quick transition from e-Commerce towards m-Commerce in various geographies and works hard for providing solutions leveraging Tokenization, adding now "In App" buttons to its previous "browsing" solution.

  • Banks provide secure payments to their clients when shopping in mobility, thanks to transactions reaching EMVCo-grade security with cryptograms generated from variable credentials (tokens).
  • Consumers enjoy same "user interface" and never type or disclose payment data on tiny screens.

tPago launched "Toca y Paga" nation-wide in Dominican Republic in 2018

Since end of 2017, this has been the release of a new generation of this already very successful application (more than 700 K.users !). Many features are important to underline:


  • Exceptional portfolio of services
  • Connection to almost all local banks
  • Operation compatible with USSD (no mandatory smartphone or data-plan)
  • Payment based on all accounts: Deposit, savings, and of course debit & credit cards


Please listen to Manuel Grullón from GCS, the company distributing the tPago application and which has teamed with CUB3TECH for generation of tokens and cryptograms and validating them before sending to authorization servers from the banks.


Combining Instant Issuance of cards with tokenized payments

All players in the Payment industry see the potential of tokenized payments, leveraging digitized or virtual cards. CUB3TECH believes that "Instant Issuance" situations represent ideal timing for proposing the loading of these same cards in a mobile wallet, and corresponding Token Services server.


Once the digitized card/account is available , it instantly gives access to:

  • NFC-HCE proximity payments
  • e-Commerce and m-Commerce
  • Any business flow embedding access to the tokenized card

Tokenized payments go mobile !

CUB3TECH envisions a very quick transition from e-Commerce towards m-Commerce in various geographies (Africa, south-east Asia ...) and is working hard in providing solutions leveraging Tokenization in different modalities: Browsing experience and soon with "In App" buttons.

  • Banks provide secure payments to their clients when shopping in mobility, thanks to transactions reaching EMVCo-grade security with cryptograms generated from variable credentials (tokens).
  • Consumers enjoy same "user interface" and never type or disclose payment data on tiny screens.


Mobile Commerce April 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 424.3 KB

2018: Ready for Mastercard projects

Completing our offer for integrating Token Requestors or Token Issuers for VISA VTS, CUB3TECH is now ready to accompany financial institutions and wallet developers for benefitting from Mastercard Tokenization program, including integration into the MDES platform.


Adobe Acrobat Document 290.2 KB

2017: Aligning with VISA ecosystem


CUB3TECH developed a Best-of-Breed vision for Cloud-based Mobile Payment, with an implementation based on “full In-House developed” components: EMV Mobile Applications, secured protocols for all transactions and VTS integration under robust I.T. architecture.


Adobe Acrobat Document 332.1 KB

And what about QR codes?

EMVCo released its first QR code specification in July 2017, for consumer-presented QR codes–that is, QR codes consumers can display on the screens of their smartphones or other devices for merchants to scan. And in August 2017, it released specifications for merchant-presented QR codes. 


Competitive Pressure: All of the major networks have promoted contactless and NFC for years, but take-up for NFC-mobile payments has been disappointing in many developed countries. And in many emerging countries, the POS terminal infrastructure is too thin to support any kind of meaningful penetration of contactless readers. 


Global Interoperability: With a globally interoperable specification from EMVCo, banks or other payments services providers could offer QR code-based payments that could be accepted at a much larger range of merchants–not only those that a particular QR code-based payments scheme signs up. In addition, the global specs would promote a consistent user experience and common security requirements.


The QR code scanner or reader that the merchant uses, decodes and parses the data in the QR code, checks content and formatting and conducts transaction processing before the transaction data is sent via acquirers and the networks to be authorized by issuers. 


The specifications state that the reader software must be able to recognize whether the QR code is tokenized and must be able to read the token requestor ID, for further routing for de-tokenization.


CUB3TECH platform is offering now an EMVCo complying platform and full suite of Services, leveraging QR codes since the beginning of its operations in 2015.


Bills Payment also made easy and secure!

Want to know more about our e-commerce solution ?

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