Mobile Present & Secure Payments

Digital Commerce Trends

We are seeing an unprecedented shift in consumer spending habits. One in five global transactions are now “digital”, with online commerce growing at over six times the rate of in-store sales. But this rapid growth is introducing new challenges. Fraud is rising!


Network tokenization is the main technologies that online merchants are bringing for the right balance between high security and a frictionless buying experience

CUB3 extended offer to Issuers & merchants



TR - Token Requestor

Issuer-TSP / DASP

Full TSP with propietary Vault

mobile SDK (multi-schemes)


CoF (Card-on File)

With Network Tokenization
With propietary Tokens


Payment Button (InAPP, Web) + Browsers extensions

SRC (Secure Remote Commerce)



P2P solutions (NFC, QR)

Partnership with CUB3

SRC and card tokenization are within CUB3 core focus. We have built a pre-certified platform for those issuers who want to enable digital payments in a simplified and secure manner. All is provided through a single interface for integration which simplifies the complexity and reduces workload for the Issuer.

The product comes together with the knowledge and guidance of our team and thus gives a short, easy and low-risk path to digital payments