The team at work

Who are we?

  • Cub3Pay is a startup Fintech founded in the USA in January 2023, benefiting of the large experience and Intellectual Property from a former UK company with deep technical roots (2015)
  • It operates from USA with technical support and operation in English and Spanish and its main place of business is Latin America and starting exploring opportunities in MEA
  • The company has been founded by experts in the payment & mobile industry, who have worked in pioneering companies in the past 20 years such as SamsungPay, Gemalto, OVLoop, First Data
  • Since 2015 a suite of software components (TSP) has been developed, shaping up a tokenization platform for providing the highest security in operation for many payment use-cases
  •  All software components are rigorously aligned to EMVCo standards. Its outstanding mobile SDK is easy to integrate with the tokenization vaults of international payment schemes

Company Milestones

From Cub3Tech (the roots):

In 2016 Cub3Tech launched its own HCE-NFC solution for mobile payments, aiming at a secure, low-cost architecture based on 100% internally developed components

Since 2018, the solution was operational in the Dominican Republic as a first deployment in large volume (integration with 3 MNOs, 12 banks, 2 processors)


Later, other key components were made available for use within the framework of "digital commerce" such as payment buttons, browser extensions, Card-on-File, Android libraries, SRC...

To Cub3Pay (newborn):

From 2022, Cub3Pay was contracted by Visa-LAC for accelerating tokenization of Issuers/FinTechs in the region and fostering all related use-cases (CoF, Click-to-Pay, provisioning OEM-Pay’s, QR)


Leveraging its own powerful and compact mobile-SDK, Cub3Pay is now supporting numerous wallet providers which are keen on maintaining their autonomous roadmaps

Corporate Documents

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