Since 2015, CUB3TECH developed a “suite” of software components dedicated to bringing higher grade of security to payment flows, by leveraging Tokenization.


With the same CUB3 Tokenization platform, you can achieve several objectives:


  1. Add to an existing mobile-App’ the capacity to make proximity payments in physical stores, thanks to additional bricks of technology like NFC, QR Codes, HCE, integration with POS terminals and acquiring networks.
  2. Elegantly solve the serious problem of security in the e-Commerce, thanks to a "Mobile Present" operation, in which the user's phone captures the data of the "check out" to be made and handles “on the fly” the request and the use of the Token (which replaces the payment static credentials by dynamic & transient data) to make that remote payment.
  3. Other use-cases could be added to any mobile-Wallet for specific flows as “Payment of invoices” … The list is endless (wearables, IoT, Social Networks, business specific) of use-cases which will benefit from the Tokenization of payment credentials, to make those payments possible and … secure!

NB: All software components are complying with the standards (EMVCo, including the latest QR Codes releases) and the mobile SDK is ready to integrate into the international Payment Schemes Tokenization platforms, if requested.


CUB3 mission is to contribute in designing and developing your requested payment flows, as well as the tokenization of the corresponding credentials, in order to reach the desired security level.